Bernhard Pollmann (Translation: Gill Round)

Norway South

The finest fjord and mountain walks

53 walks

Norway South English titles
3rd Edition 2016
176 pages, 97 photos, 53 height profiles, 53 maps in 1:25,000 / 1:50,000 / 1:75,000 / 1:100,000, 1 overview map
Format 11.5 x 16.5 cm, paperback with a polytex-laminated cover

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ISBN 978-3-7633-4807-7
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In 53 hikes, this guide opens up Southern Norway between Oslo, Bergen and Lindesnes: The range spans from the highest peaks in Northern Europe, in Jotunheimen National Park, to the picturesque forests and lakes in Telemark and the high heathland areas over the waterfall-rich Setesdal valley, from the cliff scenery in Rogaland and on the glacier-covered Folgefonn peninsula, to the panoramic domes and plant oases of Rondane National Park, from the mountains near Oslo, to Hårteigen.
With a selection of hikes for every physical condition, Bernhard Pollmann, one of the finest experts on Norway as a hiking paradise, describes "easy" and "difficult" routes – family-friendly hikes are included, as are climbs up deserted peaks, challenging day-long hikes, and tours covering several days from cabin to cabin.

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